Just For Fun

Choose a gorgeously-illustrated deck of cards and add a bag of loose-leaf tea. These cards are so delightful to look at, no card game is required!

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Alice in Wonderland : Follow Alice down the rabbit-hole and into a fantasy realm of "talking" playing cards and colorful characters.


Jane Austen : Your favorite characters & quotes! Each suit corresponds to a different novel. 

HEARTS ~ Pride & Prejudice

DIAMONDS ~ Sense & Sensibility

CLUBS ~ Emma

SPADES ~ Persuasion


Garden & Flowers : Vintage seed packet illustrations of flowers, fruits, vegetables and seeds. 


Fika : Fika (fee-ka) is the Swedish tradition involving tea (or coffee), baked treats and good company. One can "fika" at a tea room or at home, where freshly baked pastries are served with pleasure!


Shakespeare Insults : A hilarious (or cutting) insult from the Bard on each card. A literary offense is the best defense!


Shakespeare Quotes : Quotes on each of the number cards contain a reference to that number and each suit represents a different dramatic temperament

HEARTS ~ Love and Romance


SPADES ~ Intrigue

CLUBS ~ War 

Just For Fun