Just Another "Manic Mom Day"

The perfect gift for every mom! Choose from 3 cheerful mugs, each with its own Infuser and Lid, and includes 3 tea blends to meet the demands of any "Manic Mom Day."


"Hot Mama" - A Spicy blend of Mate; Lemongrass; Rose Hips; Ginger; Cardamom; Black Pepper; Rose Petals; and Chamomile (Caffeinated)

"Mama Mia" -  A Soothing blend of Apple; Sage; Anise; Linden Blossoms; Rosemary Leaves and Pink Cornflower Petals. Sure to induce a deep sigh...(Herbal/Caffeine Free)

"Mama-Sleepa" - A relaxing blend of Apple; Lavender; Chamomile; St. John's Wort; Lemon Balm Leaves; Licorice; Fennel; Peppermint; and Valerian Root. Will relax the mind and the body! (Herbal/Caffeine Free)

Just Another "Manic Mom Day"