A Hug in a Mug

Send a Warm Hug in a Mug to someone special. Each package includes a fun mug with large tea test tube and hand stamped tea spoon! 


  • Red Cherry Footed Mug, Black Cherry Rose Tea & 'Tea' Kettle Stamped Spoon


  • Pink Flower Latte Cup, Lychee Rose Green Tea & 'Tea' Kettle Stamped Spoon


  • Gold Bee Lemon Mug, Victorian Herbal Blend (lemongrass, rose hips, lavender, apple & orange pieces and blue cornflower petals) & 'Tea' Kettle Stamped Spoon


  • Rose Garden Jumbo Cup & Saucer, China Rose Petal Black Tea & 'Tea' Kettle Stamped Spoon


A Hug in a Mug